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Pink Team History

For 25 years the Pink Team has cultivated a culture of positivity, creativity and competitiveness within the FIRST community. Learn more about the legacy and success of the team.

Pink In
The Past



The Pink Team is not shy from competition, as in the past 25 years we have competed in 47 competitions all over the globe. From the cold mountains of Canada to the warm beaches of Hawaii. Out of those 47 competitions we have won 15, and been to the World Championship 17 times.

In those 17 times we have won five divisions and made it to Einstein Finals twice (Both times as alliance captains).

Our team isn't just robots though. We have won four Chairman's Awards(Now called the Impact Award), three Engineering Inspiration awards, three Dean's List Finalists Awards, and three Woodie Flowers Finalists awards, around our regionals.

At Champs we have won Autodesk Excellence in Engineering Creativity and Communications Award, Autodesk Special Recognition for Distinctive Work in the Area of Character, Animation Delphi "Driving Tomorrow's Technology," Leadership in Controls, Industrial Design, Quality General Motors Industrial Design, two Team Spirit Awards sponsored by Chrysler, and one Team Spirit Award sponsored by FCA Foundation. In which two Industrial Design Awards, and two Team Spirit Awards were won on Einstein. 

However, competing isn't all we do. Since 1999, we have been working to assist our community as well. Here are a few robots we have made just to do that.

Rockledge PD Bot


The Rockledge PD Bot is a Robot made by the Pink Team to help assist law enforcement in hostage situations. The robot was made in 2010 and since then has saved around 12 people. Through out this time the Pink Team has always helped maintain the robot as the Rockledge Police Department continue to use the robot to this day.


Weather Balloon Bot


The Weather Balloon Bot was a robot requested by our primary sponsor NASA. They had a problem where they couldn't send out weather balloons before rocket launches in harsh weather. So we at the Pink Team made a durable robot capable of weathering the harsh conditions to deliver the robot to it's launch point and release the balloon. 


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